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Every woman deserves to be loved. RED CARD is passionate in portraying that pure love and joy within one. Crafted with the most luxurious fabrics and lace from France and Italy, every RED CARD master piece goes through over 100 steps of sewing by hand, creating stunning beauty beyond high fashion.

Every season RED CARD develops over 200 designs, which provide a wide style variety for you to choose your favorite piece. The design, fit, and fabric materials can be customized and made to your measurement.

Every RED CARD couture is lavished with perfection made by our master dressmakers that have over 20 years of experience in constructing couture pieces. It takes over 100 hours to construct one piece and every sewing step is a challenge to exceed perfection.

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符合原創設計品牌的理念,我們呼應品牌經營策略,設計專屬的網站入口頁面,多用途的影像與影片區塊,除了能夠傳達品牌形象,也可配合行銷策略,發佈當下最新一季的主題。 我們垂直整合網站單元與內容,讓網站選單變得簡單扼要。

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讓您的網站內容可以自動符合裝置螢幕的尺寸來進行延展、伸縮、變形、移動,原本在桌上型電腦的寬螢幕上,產品圖片是橫向水平排列,遇到較小的手機螢幕時,產品圖片會自動變成縱向垂直排列,由上到下,讓使用者可以輕鬆便利的瀏覽您的產品資訊。不只是圖片,包含網站 LOGO、主選單、文字內容、網頁標尾等,全部都會自動重新排列,找到最合適的呈現方式。
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